In 1971, Paul Carpenella bought The Green Dolphin and thus began the story of ``Chez Paul.`` At that time the ``Green Dolphin,`` was a popular spot on North Beach Street. The Green Dolphin was originally a tavern seating up to 250 people and catered to the blue-collar crowd for congregating and unwinding from a hard day's work.

After 10 years of operation, Paul purchased the property and changed the name to the ``Frosted Mug.`` He then experimented with various ideas until February of 1984, when he decided to build Daytona's first authentic Fondue room. He envisioned a garden area that would complement the restaurant and the construction began. The result was the combination of Old World flavor combined with a romantic atmosphere. Later, the menu was changed to reflect a French and Italian gourmet cuisine.

During the time Paul was Mayor of Daytona (l993-95) and involved in the political scene, the restaurant was not operational, except for catering. After a brief interlude, in 1999 ``Chez Paul`` was again opened to the general public with Paul's famous French and Italian gourmet menu, a true Epicurean delight.

This feat was not accomplished single-handedly. Without the help of his family, friends and employees, this transformation could not have happened. Paul would like to say a special thank you to his Mom and Dad for their tireless efforts and his brother and sisters and son Paul Ron who were always ready to lend a hand.
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